Start 01.02.2021 - End 01.05.2021

COVID-19 Research Hub

As COVID-19 virus sweeps across the world, EU Disinfolab compiles essential resources for those interested in tackling the coronavirus ‘infodemic'. It maps how online platforms are combatting coronavirus mis- and disinformation, publishes content on the narratives, trends, and strategies defining the infodemic, and produces dedicated sections on free tools to use, commentary on the infodemic, as well as its impact on our societies. Within this project, the Centre for Digitalisation, Democracy and Innovation (CD2I) at the Brussels School of Governance monitors platform policies and responses to disinformation, with a focus on COVID-19 related topics, and reports regularly through blogposts or additional research that is published on EU Disinfolab’s website. The project receives funding from the Omidyar Network.