Start 01.10.2019 - End 31.12.2020

The Climate Friendly Materials Platform

The Climate Friendly Materials (CFM) Platform proposes a comprehensive project to help catalyse transformational change across the EU basic materials sector by connecting national and EU debates on policy frameworks to achieve net climate neutrality. The CFM Platform will facilitate exchange between leading policy analysts, policymakers, industry leaders and other relevant stakeholders in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden, creating a framework for joint development of national policies.
By linking national debates with advancements in the EU policy framework, the Platform will develop a shared understanding between the EU and Member State (MS) levels. By developing national decision-makers’ understanding of the available policy options, the project will support the translation of transition scenarios, like the EU long-term strategies, into specific national elements. Through a series of eight national-level workshops and two EU-level roundtable events, the CFM Platform will facilitate knowledge exchange, and build capacity on: policy instrument design and suitability, synergies in policy mixes, structure of policy packages and their governance.

Funded by

European Climate Foundation