Start 01.12.2019 - End 31.12.2020

Climate Diplomacy 2019-2020

The project ‘Climate Diplomacy’ in support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs explores the foreign policy dimension of climate change and climate policy, including the impacts on peace, conflict and security in different regions around the world. To explore these issues, adelphi and the Institute for European Studies have assessed the implications of energy transition and decarbonisation for German and European foreign policy and produced a full-fledged report, a policy brief and several country studies.


This project consists of two parts. First, it aims at launching a report and accompanying outputs and at discussing the findings with relevant stakeholders in Brussels. The second objective is to produce and publish, based on the report, a book on the geopolitics of decarbonisation. The IES-VUB will organise a launch event in Brussels and take the lead in completing the book manuscript for publication.

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Funded by

German Federal Foreign Office