Start 16.03.2018 - End 15.03.2022

BIES Joint Research Group

The “Brussels Institute for European Studies – BIES” consisting of the IES-VUB and the IES-ULB is an additional institutional layer aimed at incentivising joint activities. 

This Joint Research Group (JRG) is a first step towards joint submissions of new joint research projects, be it regional, national, or EU frameworks. It will push for cross-fertilization and further strengthen the institution specific areas of expertise while avoiding unnecessary competition.

The funding is provided for 4 years and consists of EUR 5000 per year (2500 EUR provided by the ULB and 2500 provided by the VUB-OZR).

A ULB-VUB Joint Research Group assembles researchers from the two universities that are active around a common research line

A new strategic collaboration within a ULB-VUB JRG should enable both partners to strengthen their position in their individual core competence domains and deliver disciplinary or cross-disciplinary strengthening research contributions.

The ULB-VUB Joint Research Groups serve as:

  • high level academic centers for science & technology cooperation and exchange;
  • platforms for research oriented training and mobility;
  • pools of knowledge, expertise, and - if applicable - infrastructure & equipment;
  • knowledge or technology transfer for creating impact on society, culture, economy, nonprofit sector, governmental bodies, the public at large,…

Research areas involved