Kristin Henrard invited as expert by OSCE HCNM

News on 12.09.2022
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Migration Talks – A new podcast series by BIRMM

News on 15.06.2022
Educational Analysis

Lingyu Xu successfully defends PhD thesis

News on 01.07.2021
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Highlights of EUIA21

News on 19.06.2021

Malasree Neepa Acharya defends her PhD thesis

News on 04.12.2020
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Laura Westerveen defends her PhD thesis

News on 18.09.2020
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Klaudia Majcher defends her PhD thesis

News on 16.09.2020
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BIRMM boosted with new coordination team

News on 11.09.2020
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Europe Day 2020

News on 09.05.2020
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Reflections on Coronavirus

News on 07.05.2020
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Annual Report 2019 Released

News on 02.04.2020
Annual reports

EUIA20 Conference postponed for 2021

News on 01.04.2020
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EUIA call for papers

News on 14.11.2019
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Sara Silvestre successfully defends PhD

News on 29.03.2019
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Researcher llke Adam wins Charles Ullens Prize

News on 23.10.2012
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