VRT NWS and De Standaard publish results of De Stemming 2023, a collaboration of VUB Brussels School of Governance and University of Antwerp

Following prior editions in 2020, 2021, and 2022, VUB Brussels School of Governance professor Jonas Lefevere once again collaborated with Stefaan Walgrave (University of Antwerp) to conduct a large scale public opinion survey for VRT NWS and De Standaard. This year, 2092 people filled in the online survey between 13 and 23 March. The survey consists of an annual investigation of Flemish people’s political views, including their voting behaviour, evaluation of government performance, and views on political issues. It also addresses several contemporary issues, which this year included household finances in the light of recent inflation peaks. The study results were published on the websites of VRT NWS and De Standaard:

The full report is available here. The full data relating to the 2023 edition will be available as of June 1st 2023 on DANS Easy (DOI: 10.17026/dans-xpa-en4z). Note that the data of the three previous editions are already available for public use on the DANS Easy public repository (2020 data2021 data2022 data).