Two day Expert Workshop on Greening Public Procurement

Leading experts of Green Public Procurement (GPP) from different countries, organisations and the European Commission met on 16.-17. June in a virtual expert workshop organised by HILMI project. The aim of the Workshop was to obtain insights into concrete examples and experiences to further develop the legislation and the measurement of the greening of public procurement. These insights will feed into the policy advice that the HILMI Project, led by Professor Harri Kalimo, will be providing the Finnish government by the end of the year. Finland has set an ambitious goal to include carbon- and environmental footprints in the criteria for public purchases that may have significant environmental impacts. There is room for improvement in this important part of greening the economy, as so far only less than half of the public procurement in Finland include specific environmental criteria. The situation is similar, or even bleaker, in most EU Member states. The innovative setup of seven consecutive online panels in the Workshop proved effective. “The exchange of thoughts was very lively, and led to many important findings,” noted Harri, his co-moderator Max Jansson (IES-PhD), as well as IES researchers Lea Mateo and Selçukan Ünekbas with great satisfaction. 

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