Tomas Wyns participates in climate crisis research documentary

As of 25 October 2021, a research documentary ‘Wat houdt ons tegen?’ (What’s holding us back?) in five episodes will be broadcast on VRT Canvas, zooming in on the origins of the natural and climate crisis, as well as on the state of affairs as to the solutions that are being developed in Flanders. The documentary includes interviews with top scientists and senior policy makers in many different areas directly or indirectly related to the climate and was overseen by Huns Bruyninckx, Director of the European Environment Agency. VRT has also covered the theme of the natural and climate crisis in a daily show on Radio 1 in the week of 25 to 28 October, as well as in an online project about the world in 2050, and also during a Canvas Connect webinar with Jill Peeters. In addition, an educational package on the theme of ‘Wat houdt ons tegen?’ will be made available for secondary education schools, along with an online Q&A on the subject.

Throughout the five episodes of the research documentary, BSoG researcher Tomas Wyns comments on both historic and present-day aspects of climate change on a global and local level, and on how Belgium and Flanders have been tackling related challenges.

The episodes can be viewed on VRT NU.