Roundtable debate on International Climate Policy at Paris+5

On 27 November, GOVTRAN Project Researchers brought together four experts on International and European Climate change policy and governance. Namely, Lavanya Rajamani, Professor of International Environmental Law, University of Oxford, Li Shuo, Senior Global Policy Advisor, Greenpeace East Asia, Byford Tsang, Senior Policy Advisor, E3G and Karsten Sach, Director General, German Ministry for the Environment.

The discussion, moderated by BSoG's Prof. Sebastian Oberthür, took place in light of the upcoming Paris+5 summit on 12 December 2020 and following the recent elections in the US. It centred around the various issues, challenges and opportunities for strengthened climate governance and international collaboration. The debate covered, amongst other, EU ambitions, where we stand with regards to international agreements and plans, climate finance, geopolitical issues, EU-China-US angles and of course touched on turbulent times and the potential implications of COVID 19 on climate progress. Here below you can watch the full event.