Prof. Gianluca Sgueo gives a TEDx talk about Gamification

Prof. Gianluca Sgueo, Adjunct Professor at Vesalius College (now: Brussels School of Governance), spoke at a TEDx event about Gamification.

In business, companies use gamification as a marketing tool to attract customers, while government and non-governmental organizations deploy it to connect citizens and public powers. A gamified government may facilitate and engage citizens in the policy-making process, yet it comes at significant costs: privacy-intrusion, social exclusion, or even social control. Prof. Sgueo talked about how gaming links with people in today’s society.

Please click here to watch the TEDx talk video.

Proff. Sgueo teaches “Gamification in Politics, Business & Communications – an interdisciplinary approach,” which will also be offered at Brussels School of Governance in Fall 2019.  His academic work focuses on participatory democracy, lobbying and globalization. He is also an author of a recent book titled “Games, Powers & Democracies.”