Industry decarbonisation in the wake of the Corona crisis – Matilda Axelson co-organises a workshop

Matilda Axelson from the IES participated in the organization and execution of a workshop by RENEW-Industry - the Research Network on Industrial Decarbonisation on June 17th 2020. RENEW-Industry co-organized the workshop "How to jump start industry decarbonisation in the wake of the Corona crisis?" together with eceee, Prof. Dr. Stefan Lechtenböhmer and Dr. Marlene Arens. The first part featured a high-level discussion between distinguished panelists, who presented their take on the challenges and opportunities that these industries are currently facing. The second part featured an interactive workshop with brainstorming and networking between different experts in the field, where participants exchanged ideas on current topics in various thematic break-out rooms covering both technological, economic and policy aspects of industrial decarbonisation. Presentations and recordings can be downloaded on the event website.