GOVTRAN network releases special issue on assessing the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework

The GOVTRAN project partners are delighted to share the latest Review of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law (RECIEL)  special issue on Assessing the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework. The Special issue and the 10 articles, all of them open access publications until the end of November, is a result of a GOVTRAN workshop that was organised in Helsinki in the summer of 2019. The articles, and the issue as a whole, offer insight into where EU climate law currently stands and what more needs to happen to achieve the radical transformation needed.  This is one of the key milestones of the GOVTRAN project, where a main goal is to develop and share timely and pertinent knowledge resources on key aspects of the EU’s climate and energy transition and its significance for the political future of Europe. The RECIEL special issue is one of three special issues foreseen during the span of GOVTRAN project. Additionally, the web platform and the network publish policy briefs, blog posts and organise events, lectures and podcasts.