GOVTRAN network open access special issue on ‘Climate Governance and the European Green Deal in Turbulent Times’

In collaboration with the GOVTRAN Jean Monnet network Governing the EU’s Climate and Energy Transition in Turbulent Times, a special issue (SI) has been published in Politics and Governance on ‘Climate Change Governance and the European Green Deal in Turbulent Times’, edited by GOVTRAN members Claire Dupont and Diarmuid Torney. All ten articles of the SI are available online open access. 

"This thematic issue aims to understand the origins, form, development, and scope of the European Green Deal (EGD)and its policy areas. It uses the concept of turbulence to explore and assess the emergence of the EGD and the policy and governance choices associated with it. Focusing on different levels of governance, different policy domains, and different stages of policymaking, each contribution raises pertinent questions about the necessity of identifying sources of turbulence and of understanding how to govern with such turbulence, rather than against it."


Table of contents

Editorial: European Union Climate Governance and the European Green Deal in Turbulent Times
Claire Dupont and Diarmuid Torney

Driving the European Green Deal in Turbulent Times
Mary Dobbs, Viviane Gravey and Ludivine Petetin

Coping with Turbulence: EU Negotiations on the 2030 and 2050 Targets
Marco Siddi

EU Climate and Energy Policy: How Myopic is it?
Jana Gheuens and Sebastian Oberthür

The European Council, the Council, and the European Green Deal
Jeffrey Rosamond and Claire Dupont

Energy Security in Turbulent Times Towards the European Green Deal
Odysseas Christou

The European Green Deal: What Prospects for Governing Climate Change with Policy Monitoring?
Jonas J. Schoenefeld

Deliberative Mini-Publics and the European Green Deal in Turbulent Times: The Irish and French Climate Assemblies
Diarmuid Torney

Polish Climate Policy Narratives: Uniqueness, Alternative Pathways, and Nascent Polarisation
Katja Biedenkopf

A Nice Tailwind: The EU’s Goal Achievement and the IMO Initial Strategy
Joseph Earsom and Tom Delreux