EU Single Market expert training courses 10 and 11 provided by Prof Kalimo of 3E Research Centre to DG GROW & EISMEA

3E (Environment, Economy & Energy) Research group continues its contributions to development of the core of the European Union – its Single Market. On November 23-24 and on December 6-7, Professor Harri Kalimo, together with Professor Vassilis Hatzopoulos (Panteion University, Athens), provided 2-day expert training courses to the “SOLVIT” and “EEN” networks under the auspices of DG GROW and EISMEA (European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency).

SOLVIT connects the EU Member States’ national authorities that are under EU law tasked to facilitate the application of the EU’s free movement provisions. SOLVIT members provide assistance in disputes that may arise when the importing “host” Member State decides whether or not to mutually recognise a product, service or the qualifications of a professional arriving from another, “home” Member State.  The training focused this time on professional qualifications and the provision of services. This was already the 10th and 11th such training offered by Professor Kalimo and the 3E Team, together with the School’s OTLI (Office for Teaching & Learning Innovation).

“Legal issues relating to free movement are a vast field, and their vigilant supervision is all the more important now that the winds of protectionism are blowing increasingly hard on the global markets between the EU, China and the U.S.”, Harri reminds.