CD2I lands three new Erasmus + education and research projects

The Centre for Digitalisation, Democracy and Innovation (CD2I) conducts academic and policy-relevant research on the ongoing digital transformation of society. One research priority pertains to Innovation and the Future of Education. 

In this priority, we reflect on the effects of new and established ways of teaching, nurture excellence and seek to foster social change. Learning is a personal, almost unobservable process that leads to change – in beliefs, attitudes and skills. Moreover, the changing digital context presents a fundamental shift in higher education thinking. Higher education today faces the complex challenge of identifying the right approaches that provide next generations with the intellectual finesse needed to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. 

Joining forces with the BSoG Office for Teaching and Learning Innovation, we have the privilege to hold a Jean Monnet Chair and participate in a Jean Monnet Cooperation Partnership in Higher Education, combining teaching and researching on learning through gamification, and digital literacy skills in higher education, on topics of our centre’s interest and expertise. We also are proud to be part of an Erasmus + Sport research project developing a transparency index for sport.

1. Digital and Civil Rights in Today's EU (Europe Explained) is an Erasmus + Jean Monnet Chair to organize Summer and Winter Schools on European Union Policy-Making. The Summer and Winter Schools on European Union Policy-Making are intensive two-week study programmes with a focus on practice and participation and a strong multidisciplinary character. The chair holder, Trisha Meyer, is the convener and academic coordinator, whose passion for teaching finds a perfect outlet in these hands-on study programmes and whose research on digital governance and participation intersects closely with the teaching on current challenges in today's EU.

2. Students’ of Higher Education critical digital Literacy Development against Disinformation (S.HI.E.L.D vs Disinfo) is an Erasmus + cooperation partnership in higher education. SHIELD vs. Disinfo is linked to lifelong learning project, teaching and researching the necessary skills and competences young people, citizens, and future and current professionals need in order to resist disinformation through digital media. Our team will mainly participate in creating a matrix of quality assurance criteria for critical digital literacy education and the design of innovative educational material and e-toolkits.

3. Sport Transparency Index project (Sport T-Index) has been devised to help support integrity interventions in sport by benchmarking sport stakeholders including clubs, leagues, national associations and international governing bodies, using universally applicable and appropriate criteria to evaluate, compare and contrast them against integrity-related transparency indicators. Our team will primarily provide expertise on governance and digitalization as translated into sports.

All three Erasmus + projects will start in the coming months and last until the end of 2025.