BSoG Prof. Liliana Lizarazo-Rodriguez receives prestigious ERC Starting Grant

European Commission awards €6.3 mil. to research focused on human rights and ecology, imaginary borders in film, photonics and bioarcheology. This year, BSoG Adjunct Professor Liliana Lizarazo-Rodriguez, together with three other VUB researchers, received the European Commission’s prestigious European Research Council Starting Grant. Together, the four grants are worth more than €6,3 mil. in research funds.

The project

In her project 'CURIAE VIRIDES – How the third wave of global judicial (and social) activism is filling ecological governance gaps and challenging the liability-remedy paradigm', Liliana Lizarazo-Rodriguez and her team will explore the progressive transformation of human rights litigation into more eco-centric litigation and the role of (activist) courts. It focuses on how social litigation is greening as well as the consequences of this development for victims of ecological damage. The project seeks to assess the reach of this activism and explores the institutional quality of eco-centric judgements.
Liliana Lizarazo-Rodriguez studied Law in Colombia, Spain and Belgium. Her research interests include sustainable development, business and human rights. She is a professor at the Brussels School of Governance, assistant professor at the University of Antwerp, and visiting lecturer at Sciences Po. She is attorney at law in Spain and Colombia and is a member of the West Flanders Bar. As a researcher, she has collaborated on Business & Human Rights projects commissioned by the Federal Institute of Sustainable Development (FIDO/IFDD).

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