BIRMM hosts the IMISCOE PhD school on “Critical Reflections on Migration Studies, Racism and Discrimination”

For the first time in VUB history, BIRMM will host the Imiscoe PhD school on “Critical Reflections on Migration Studies, Racism and Discrimination” on 24-28 April! Imiscoe is the largest network on migration studies in Europe that comprises 63 research centres on migration and diversity issues and thousands individual members. The PhD school is organized with our partners in three other Belgian universities  (CEDEM (Université de Liège), CESSMIR (Ghent University) & The Network on Migration and Global Mobility (University of Antwerp)). In this PhD school, we will reflect upon how racism and race have been discussed (or not) by migration studies, and race critical studies (postcolonial and decolonial studies, critical race theories, Black Studies, ...), and this drawing on different epistemologies, conceptualizations and theorizations. We will explore the state of the art around the topic of migration, race and racism and discuss different theorizations and methodological approaches and challenges including measuring manifestations of racism and discrimination. We will consider different manifestations of racism – from the evident to the more elusive, from particular incidents to systemic forms – and their consequences, at both individual and societal levels. Particular attention will be given to creative methodological approaches and innovative theoretical frameworks, as well as to more pragmatic and normative approaches to tackle racism and discrimination. The PhD school will offer a platform for a fruitful interdisciplinary exchange which will allow PhD researchers to develop creative approaches to the study of racism and migration and to develop new insights. Interested? Find more information and apply here