3E Research Team continues series of Circular Economy expert workshops with focus on green claims

The BSoG's 3E Research team, together with its partner institutes (University of Eastern Finland, Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE), and Yale University), co-organized the sixth expert workshop in a series that has been exploring the theme of the Circular Economy and product policy. The workshops have been a part of the research project KITUPO. Project KITUPO advises the Finnish Government in developing policies to further advance its ambitious circular economy objectives. The final workshop, chaired by Prof Harri Kalimo of the 3E Research team with Dr. Ari Nissinen and Tero Heinonen from SYKE, focused on the theme of green claims: it reflected on the challenges that the objectives of promoting sustainable circular product policies place on companies’ marketing campaigns and communications approaches.

Using the expert views from workshops as input, the KITUPO research team is in the process of developing policy recommendations. A further, final workshop, where the draft policy recommendations will then be reflected upon, will take place shortly.  The final recommendations will be published by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office in a report later in spring.