3E Research Centre continues the series of internal market trainings for the experts of the EU’s SOLVIT network

On October 21-22 and November 15-16, professor Harri Kalimo and LLM and researcher Lea Mateo from 3E Research Centre organised, together with Professor Herwig Verschueren (University of Antwerp), two-day expert trainings for officials from the EU’s SOLVIT and Enterprise Europe Networks. The trainings were offered online and supported once again by OTLI, the School’s Office of Training and Learning Innovation team. These were already the eighth and ninth trainings in a series that has covered the EU internal market law in areas ranging from the free movement of goods and mutual recognition to professional qualifications and, this time, free movement of workers and social security coordination. ”60 % of the cases that currently come to SOLVIT centres are about problems linked to labour mobility: free movement of workers, posting, social security and health services. Expertise in this area is thus in high demand to make the EU internal market work better”, states Ms. Gillian More from DG GROW’s team that oversees the SOLVIT network and their training. ”It is very rewarding to engage in an active exchange with the people who work on the internal market issues on a daily basis, and to thereby contribute for our small part to the core of the European project”, adds professor Kalimo.