BSoG Associate Fellow and Adjunct Professor Gianluca Sgueo contributes to a study published by AIDA

The Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age (AIDA) of the EU Parliament has published a new report dedicated to the challenges and the limits of open source approach to Artificial Intelligence. Gianluca Sgueo, Associate Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Brussels School of Governance, contributed to the study as an Expert. 

The aim of this in-depth analysis is to provide an analysis of the potential of adopting an open-source software (OSS) approach to deploying artificial intelligence (AI), with the aim of facilitating evidence-based decisions and synthesize current state of knowledge to tackle challenges and limitations related to such combined approach. The analysis discusses the role that open-source could play in accelerating the use and exploitation of AI, in particular in the public sector, providing a critical assessment of the key research and data published on the subject. 

Read the study here.