KITUPO: Circular Economy expert workshops on Extended Producer Responsibility and Product-Service Systems

On 3, 4 and 9 December, the BSoG 3E Research team, together with its partner institutes (University of Eastern Finland, Finnish Environmental Institute, and Yale University), co-organized and chaired three back-to-back expert workshops on the Circular Economy and product policy. The workshops are a part of the research project KITUPO, focused on some of the most topical issues within circular product policies; extended producer responsibility (EPR) and product-service-systems KITUPO is co-managed by professor Harri Kalimo. 

Project KITUPO advices the Finnish Government in developing policies to further advance its ambitious circular economy objectives. On the EPR theme, Prof. Harri Kalimo co-chaired the two workshops on the cutting-edge topics of online sales and eco-modulation.  The debate benefited from global, regional and national perspectives with panel members representing international organizations, as well as global and national private and public stakeholders.  On the PSS theme, IES Researcher Lea Mateo co-chaired the workshop on Chemical Leasing as a promising business model espousing the shift towards selling services instead of products. On the basis of the experts’ comments, KITUPO research team will develop policy proposals and publish them in a final report, due by the second quarter of next year.