IES Strategic Plan 2021-2025

As a final step towards renewing the agreement between the Flemish Government and the VUB concerning the Institute for European Studies, the IES prepared a new vision for the next five-year agreement period. The Strategic Plan 2021-2025 sets out the main objectives for the next five years, in which it wants to further strengthen its established reputation as a top research and higher education institution dedicated to excellent, policy-relevant research and involved in post-initial education and academic service provision. The document sets out how the IES intends to enter into a close alliance, under the umbrella of a “Brussels School of Governance”, with Vesalius College (VeCo), which is offering complementary education and activities in the field of international policy and governance. In this way, the IES aims to become a leader in Brussels in both the conduct of multidisciplinary research and in higher education across a wide range of policy-relevant areas. [read more]