Welcoming Korean students for the first edition of the “SNU in the EU” Brussels programme

On 1 July 2019, the Institute for European Studies (now: Brussels School of Governance) had the pleasure of welcoming Korean students at the first day of our SNU in the EU Brussels Programme.

Being the very first edition of this programme organized by the Institute, this programme will further deepen the already established good relations between SNU and the IES. In the upcoming two weeks the students will participate in lectures on the history and future of EU integration, EU institutions and decision-making procedures, EU foreign and security affairs, combined with visits to the ROK Embassies, NATO and EU institutions. Organising this programme is a logical continuation of the institute’s activities related to Korea. In 2017, the Institute launched the  KF-VUB Korea Chair, as a primary contact point in Europe on policy issues related to Korea and the Korean Peninsula.

We wish the SNU students a productive and memorable two weeks in Brussels!