Securing a promising future after BSoG

The Bachelor of International & European Law was established by Vesalius College in 2014. Five years later, the international reach of the bachelor law program was recognized when Pennsylvania State University granted one full scholarship to a bright Brussels School of Governance (former Vesalius College) law student. It offers BSoG students a prestigious US School of Law to complete their legal studies. 

The second BSoG student benefitting from the partnership between Penn State and our College is Ali Jabbarli (class of 2020). He has been awarded a $38000 scholarship by Pennsylvania State University (USA) where he will continue his law career and pursue a LLM degree. He is especially eager to specialise in national security law, an area of study that he has always been passionate about.

I believe that this degree will not only be a great addition to my BA Degree in International and European Law but it will also help me advance towards my dream career in diplomacy and improve me as an international lawyer.

– Ali Jabbarli

Penn State Law is a leader in training international lawyers for the global marketplace through multiple programs and areas of studies. The LLM program is designed to provide students with an introduction to U.S. law while allowing them the opportunity to design a course of study that meets their individual goals.

LLM students take classes alongside J.D. students and are able to choose from a wide array of course offerings. Typical areas of focus include mergers and acquisitions, business law, international and comparative law, and arbitration law. Faculty members are available to work with students, and a friendly staff of advisers provides guidance on everything from American life to career services. LLM graduates leave the program with an advanced degree in law and a worldwide network of colleagues from every field of endeavor within the global Penn State alumni network.

The law bachelor program of Brussels School of Governance continues to educate and prepare our students for an international career, either in business or in the service of a government. A new generation of young international lawyers is being trained with the aim to provide the best legal practices. We express our gratitude to the Law School of Penn State University to join us in this effort.