Delegation of top students to EuroSim 2021 in the US

EuroSim is an annual international simulation of the EU bringing together over 200 students and faculty from more than 20 colleges and universities in the US and Europe. As an active member and a host of this event in 2018 in Belgium, the Institute for European Studies (now: Brussels School of Governance) will select and sponsor 10 students across its LLM in International and European LawAdvanced Master in European Integration, and Postgraduate Certificate in EU Policy Making programmes of the 2020-21 academic year, to become a part of its delegation for EuroSim 2021, in the US, provided of course that the COVID-19 measures at that time will allow us to do so.

Participation in EuroSim offers our students a unique opportunity to work and learn in an exciting multicultural environment. In addition, by bringing American and European students together, EuroSim provides students with first-hand experience in transatlantic relations. Each EuroSim event has a specific theme related to the real-world policy agenda of the EU, helping students to deepen their knowledge of the EU and hone their public speaking, negotiating, leadership and diplomatic skills. Part of the EuroSim 2021 experience for our students will also be a trip to New York, where some of the visits will include the UN and the EU Delegation. EuroSim takes place over four days with its location rotating among host institutions in Europe and North America. Its 2021 edition will be hosted at the end of March by the University of Niagara (NY, USA). The theme of the negotiations will be migration (Dublin Regulation).

Interested to hear experiences of the previous EuroSim participants? Check this video featuring IES alumni who joined EuroSim 2019.

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