BSoG teacher starts a new social start-up for businesses who want to reopen

Bram Vandeperre, Capstone teacher of our BA in Business Studies, has started a new social start-up Creative Social Distancing, aiming at providing masks on a large scale for businesses who want to reopen.

Whether it is having a standard white cotton mask or designing a mask with text, visuals or a company logo, their main goal is that everyone wears one, so that we can faster re-launch our economy, while keeping in mind social distancing rules. For every purchase order thresholding 10.000 cotton masks, this start-up will commit 1.000 masks towards initiatives of your choice within the European Union. This means that if your company purchases 20.000 cotton masks, regardless if branded or non-branded, Creative Social Distancing start-up will pledge, and take care of logistics for 2.000 cotton masks towards a partner, charity or another initiative of your choice.

Find out more about Creative Social Distancing.
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