BSoG students participate in selection of #NataliPrize 2020 Winners

On 15 July 2020, the European Commission unveiled the winners in each of the three categories of the 2020 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize (Grand Prize, Europe Prize and Best Emerging Journalist) in appreciation of their independent, well-informed and reliable contributions to development journalism. The winners were chosen by a Grand Jury of experts in the fields of journalism and development. All entries went through an initial pre-selection phase conducted by three schools of journalism, BSoG in Brussels being one of them.

Dayu Zhang of the ‘South China Morning Post’ won the Grand Prize for “The ‘thin yellow line’ standing between Hong Kong police and protestors”.Cécile Schilis Gallego and Marion Guegan of ‘Forbidden Stories’ won Europe Prize for “Mines’ dirty secrets echo on three continents”. Shola Lawal of ‘Equal Times’ won Best Emerging Journalist Prize for “For African migrants trying, and dying, to reach North America, the Darién Gap is the ‘New Mediterranean’”.

The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize was launched in 1992 to recognise and celebrate excellence in reporting on sustainable development issues. Established 28 years ago by the European Commission, the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize is awarded in memory of Lorenzo Natali, a former Commissioner for Development and staunch defender of freedom of expression, democracy, human rights and development. He served three terms as one of Italy’s European Commissioners.

BSoG students with pleasure contributed to #NataliPrize Community, which strives to highlight authentic and enriching life-stories. Congratulations to the 2020 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize Winners!

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