BSoG students launch a project “Conversations Covidiennes” to help society in challenging times of pandemic

During the last Fall, Camila Bianchi and Jalla Hertoghe, two BSoG students from the Global Business and Entrepreneurship Bachelor Programme, launched a project ‘Conversations Covidiennes’. Intending to help society in these challenging times, they interviewed experts from different fields and published their advice.

“Reading the news, being on social media, talking to relatives… We are constantly told that times are hard. But what can we do to try and make them better? Offering solutions and some positivity is what ‘Conversations Covidiennes’ is all about. It is also proof that we can all, at our scale, participate. The Conversations consist of interviews with 8 different experts (physicians, neuroscientists, psychotherapists, philosopher, and many more). Based on their respective fields and their personal beliefs; they shared with us their opinions on the crisis and their very best advice.”

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