BSoG Bachelor students visit European Parliament


On Thursday 27 October 2022, a group of about 30 Bachelor students from our BA in International and European Law and BA in International Affairs programmes gathered at the bottom of the stairs to the Altiero Spinelli entrance to start their visit to the European Parliament in Brussels. The visit to the Parliament was led by BA International and European Law Programme Director Kristin Henrard. A few impressions by our students:


Chloé Rousselet, BA law student

“Visiting the European Parliament gave us, students of BSoG, a tangible idea of the day-to-day managing of European affairs in Brussels. The opportunity to attend lectures given by the people operating within this institution is unique and provides students a clear-cut perspective of their position in the European Parliament. Our tour was focused on the European Parliamentary Research Service, this department influences the legislative and budgetary decisions by providing research for parliamentarians. Hence, we were introduced to its objectives, function, and management. Additionally, we were handed numerous briefing brochures which contained extensive material to comprehend the authority of this division and by extension the European Parliament. As an International Law student, I find visits like this one crucial since they mirror the practice of our curriculum. And, of course, seeing the magnificent hemicycle will never get old.”


Clara Burkhardt, BA IA student

We began our tour through the Spinelli building and visited the legislative chamber of the Parliament, as well as the library of the European Parliamentary Research Service. The hemicycle grand chamber was an absolute highlight for us! However,  the Parliament assembles only six times a year in Brussels as compared to 12 times in Strasbourg. Finally, we had the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations by members of the EPRS, including Directorate-General Étienne Bassot, on the European electoral procedure and the Spitzenkanditatenprinzip, reform proposals, the structure of the parliament, and the comprehensive work of the EPRS, followed by an interactive Q&A session. All in all, it was a memorable and inspiring visit for all students, which generated valuable insight into the mechanisms of this EU institution! 


Mathias Kralupper, BA Law and IA student

On 27 October 2022, we had the opportunity to visit the European Parliamentary Research Centre. During the visit, we were shown around the facilities of the Simone Veil and Altiero Spinelli buildings – some of the most influential politicians in the history of the EU – as well as the chamber of the parliament, which was a truly magical moment for many students. Later on, we received an introduction into the system of the European Parliament as pertains to the voting procedures, the assembling into groups, the committees as well as some of the proposals for reform. While law students were certainly most interested in the setup of the various bodies within the Parliament, the IA students surely greatly enjoyed the discussion about reform proposals such as the Spitzenkandidatenprinzip or the work of the Research Centre that deals with the outcome of the upcoming American midterm elections. Overall, the visit was definitely an unforgettable experience for all those who visited, and in some of us, it might have just awoken the will to work in this great body in the future!