BSoG Alumni, Where are they now?

As part of her regular classroom series focusing on Veco Alumni, Where are they now?, Professor Stephanie Gardner invited Jørgen Nyberget (2019 graduate, BA in International and European Law) to join her Advanced Business Law class as guest lecturer on Climate and Environmental Law, Why it Matters to Business. In light of the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26) earlier this month, Jørgen’s interactive lecture focused on an international perspective on climate law and environmental rules and regulations. He discussed air pollution regulation, civil liability for environmental disasters, the Paris Agreement, climate change litigation and the newly launched Chinese emissions trading scheme.

After graduating from Vesalius College (now member of the Brussels School of Governance), Jørgen completed an LLM in Energy and Environmental law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2020). He is currently working for The Nordic Council of Ministers for the Environment and Climate while consulting in the field of international environmental law and completing his Danish law degree at the University of Copenhagen.