Research Professor (20%) on European defence industrial policy

Deadline 11-06-2023


The Brussels School of Governance is looking for a part-time professor in the domain of 'European defence industrial policy'. 

More concretely your work package contains: 


Education and Research domain:

The Centre for Security, Diplomacy and Strategy (CSDS) is a research hub at the Brussels School of Governance (BSoG) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). CSDS seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the key contemporary security and diplomatic challenges of the 21st century – and their impact on Europe – while reaching out to the policy community that will ultimately need to handle such challenges.

Our expertise in security studies will seek to establish comprehensive theoretical and policy coverage of strategic competition and its impact on Europe, whilst paying particular attention to the transatlantic relationship and the wider Indo-Pacific region.

Diplomacy as a field of study will be treated broadly and comparatively to encompass traditional statecraft and foreign policy analysis, as well as public, economic and cultural diplomacy.


Education tasks:

  • You will contribute to teaching up to 6 ECTS relating to the indicated theme within relevant BSoG and VUB educational programmes, Summer Schools, teaching modules and/or Study Abroad programmes;
  • You will supervise a limited number of master theses in BSoG/IES programmes.

Research tasks:

  • You conduct excellent research on European defence industrial policy; 
  • You will contribute to developing the CSDS research agenda;
  • You act as independent promoter or member of the doctoral committee of relevant CSDS PhD students;
  • You are responsible for acquiring external finances to advance the indicated research area, and, subsequently, prepare and manage externally financed research and academic service projects.

Other tasks:

  • You are responsible for research related service tasks at the level of the research centre, the department, the faculty and/or the university;
  • You develop and maintain an international research network;
  • You contribute to creating external visibility for the research group, the department, the faculty and the university via speaking engagements and media appearances.

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