Scaling fences - Voices of irregular African migrants to Europe

Thursday 14 November 2019, 17:00
IES-VUB, Pleinlaan 5, roome Rome (floor -1)


Responding effectively to the large-scale movement of peoples has become one of the greatest challenges of our time. The changing patterns and visibility of the numbers   of people seeking refuge as well as better lives and opportunities across borders have all profoundly impacted the global political environment.

The Scaling Fences report focuses specifically on contemporary irregular African migrants arriving to Europe. In efforts to bring the voices of this contemporary group of travelers to the forefront of policy making, UNDP Africa has interviewed thousands of Africans who have travelled through irregular means to Europe.

The event will present findings and recommendations of the Scaling Fences research project and open a space for debate on irregular migration among academic experts and participants.


  • AHUNNA EZIAKONWA - Director, UNDP Africa
  • MOHAMED YAHYA - Resident Representative, UNDP Nigeria
  • PROF. DR. INE LIETAERT - UNU-CRIS; UGent, Social Work and Social Pedagogy
  • PROF. DR. ILSE RUYSSEN - UGent, Economics
  • OMAR CHAM - VUB, Institute for European Studies

Opening remarks by PROF. DR. ILKE ADAMVUB, Institute for European Studies, Migration & Diversity