The Road to the Future: The role of youth in the Future of Europe Conference

Tuesday 01 June 2021, 16:00
Online event via Zoom


Europe’s future depends on the youth. The motivated, empowered youth with a commitment to sustainability will be the ones driving our future. 

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a unique and timely opportunity for European citizens to debate on Europe’s challenges and priorities. No matter where you are from or what you do, this is the place to think about what future you want for the European Union. The European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission have committed to listen to Europeans and to follow up, within their sphere of competences, on the recommendations made. The Future of Europe Conference is a project that is going to give a platform where all EU citizens can share their voices especially the youth.

The EU’s 2019-2027 Youth strategy aims to foster youth participation in democratic life; it also supports social and civic engagement and aims to ensure that all young people have the necessary resources to take part in society. The EU Youth Strategy focuses on three core areas of action, around the three words: Engage, Connect, Empower, while working on joined-up implementation across sectors emphasizing again youth’s place in the EU.


Goal and Objectives

In this session we will discuss how the European citizens, from all walks of life and corners of the Union, with young people playing a central role, can shape the future of the European project. This webinar will discuss the venues available of how European citizens particularly the young people are able to participate and share their ideas. 

The webinar will explain in further detail one of the forums for participation, which is called the ‘25 percent’ project. This project aims to give space to youth voices, translate the ideas in the Conference on the Future of Europe meaningful and actionable steps, and empower young people to become active citizens. 15,000 ideas will be collected about the future of Europe which  will  be  condensed  into clusters  and consolidated  into  a  set  of 15  proposals by  the 150  young participants  at the final international event. These proposals will be presented to the Conference on the Future of Europe and other decision makers. By spring 2022, the Conference is expected to reach conclusions and provide guidance on the future of Europe.


How to register: To register to the event please send an empty email to with the subject: The Road to the Future of Europe.