Policy Forum 2: Unilateralisation and a level playing field

Thursday 13 October 2022, 16:00 to 17:30

The European Union has recently launched multiple new trade policy measures. The 3E Research Centre of the Brussels School of Governance, the Ghent Institute for International and European Studies and CCEEL of the University of Eastern Finland are organising a series of four public policy forums,  where distinguished experts will discuss the rationales, functioning and potential consequences of the new measures – are we witnessing a more unilateralist EU?  

Policy Forum 2: Unilateralisation and a level playing field - Thu 13 October 2022, 16:00-17:30

Speakers: K. De Gucht (former Trade commissioner), M.-S. Dibling (King & Spalding), E. Vermulst (VVGB), I. Stoyanova, (DG COMP), L. Cernat, (DG Trade).

Moderator: Prof. H. Kalimo

Policy measures discussed:

  • Foreign Subsidy Regulation (FSR)
  • International Procurement Instrument (IPI)

This panel engages with the EU’s strategic objective to ensure European corporations an open and fair operating environment. Competition in the EU should according to the FSR take place without market-distorting subsidies by third country governments. The same objective is pursued for the EU’s procurement markets through the IPI, an instrument that also leverages open procurement in other countries. Will the FSR and IPI be effective, yet without leading to a round of retaliations , ruinous to the multilateralist ethos of international trade? 

This session will take place in an online format: please register here.


16.00 – 16.10 Welcome

  • Prof Harri Kalimo (3E Research Centre, BSoG)

16.10 – 16.30 Levelling the playing field

  • Iveta Stoyanova, Member of Task Force Third Country Subsidies, DG COMP 

  • Lucian Cernat, Head of Unit, DG Trade

16.30 – 16.45 Commentary

  • Prof Karel de Gucht, President of the BSoG, former EU Trade Commissioner
  • Marie-Sophie Dibling (Partner, King & Spalding law firm)
  • Edwin Vermulst (Partner, VVGB Law firm)

16.45-17.10 Panel discussion

17.10 – 17.30 Q & A with the audience


Organised as a part of the Jean Monnet Chair ECOvalence (Grant 101085564)