#PeaceforUkraine: Panel debate

Thursday 17 March 2022, 18:00 to 19:30

Nobody is indifferent to the incidents occurring the past weeks in Ukraine. In response to the questions of our community about this war, the VUB and The World Needs You are organizing a panel debate on the 17th of March in Aula QA on the VUB Campus.

War in Ukraine

​​​​​​​The war also deeply affects us as an inclusive VUB-community. Many of us are shocked by Russia's attacks and have many questions. We also notice this within several VUB study programmes. That is why the VUB offers a response to current events and a more substantive interpretation of the conflict in Ukraine. In line with the project The world needs you, the university invites you to a panel debate on this theme on Thursday, 17 March.

Panel debate

Experts on the subject bring their years of expertise and experience to the table, providing a clear and scientifically grounded interpretation. This will give you a clear picture of the impact of the war. Because it is big. Both politically and internationally, but also within the VUB. How do we respond to the war? How can we help? And what does that mean for the activities of the VUB? These questions and many others will be discussed extensively. So don't hesitate and come along!

If you'd like to attend in-person, please click here to register.

If you'd like to follow the debate digitally, you may follow it through the livestream on the VUB facebook page or the VUB's Youtube Channel.

  • Prof. dr. Alexander Mattelaer, Vice-Dean for Research and an Associate Professor in International Security at the Brussels School of Governance, VUB
  • Assistent Prof. Olesya Tkacheva, Assistant Professor at the Brussels School of Governance, VUB
  • Prof. dr. Romain Meeusen, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and head of the department of Human Physiology, VUB
  • Prof. dr. Jonathan Holslag, Professor of International Politics, VUB
  • Prof. dr. Wendy Van den Broeck, head of the Living Lab cluster at SMIT and Assistant Professor at the Communications Studies Department, VUB


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