Jean-Monnet Summer School Keynote Lecture: European Parliament's Role in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

Friday 09 July 2021, 11:45 to 13:00

Briefing with Dr. den Hertog


Leonhard den Hertog is Policy Adviser to MEP in ’t Veld in the European Parliament, working on policy issues related the Rule of Law, migration and asylum. In this exclusive ‘Parliament in Practice’ session, Dr. den Hertog will share his insights on the European legislator’s priorities, recent achievements and ongoing challenges in the area of freedom, security and justice. He will provide examples based on his work on the Common European Asylum System, the Pact for Migration and Asylum and the EU Rule of Law toolbox and reflect on how the European Parliament can use its institutional weight in these areas.



Leonhard den Hertog works as Policy Advisor in the European Parliament, dealing with issues of the Rule of Law, migration and asylum. Previously, he worked at the Justice and Home Affairs Section of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels as Research Fellow. He obtained his PhD from the Universities of Edinburgh and Cologne, writing on the external relations of EU migration and asylum policies, and his LLM from Utrecht University. He also previously worked as guest researcher and lecturer at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, as a research and teaching assistant at the University of Leuven, and at an EU project in Addis Ababa. He (co-)authored several publications on the Rule of Law, EU external relations and EU asylum, border and migration policy.


Please note that this is a closed-door session.