The European Union, Emerging Global Business and Human Rights: a book panel

Tuesday 15 November 2022, 16:30 to 18:00

We have the pleasure of welcoming Aleydis Nissen who will present her soon to be published book (by Cambridge University Press) on a most pressing issue:

The European Union, Emerging Global Business and Human RightsEmerging and developing states are home to powerful corporations capable of deploying economic activities on a global scale through the rapid pace of technological change and globalisation. But such corporations have to date been largely overlooked in the field of business and human rights. Treatment of such corporations has typically been in the context of supply chain studies, as subsidiaries of corporations from economically developed Western states.
This book takes a radically different approach. It aims to investigate the conditions under which the European Union and its Member States regulate and remedy human rights violations by corporations from emerging and developing states. Stemming from the hypothesis that the EU intends to play a central role, Aleydis Nissen explores how the EU and its Member States attempt to ensure that EU-based businesses are not undercut by emerging competition, drawing on global examples to illustrate this developing phenomenon. Nissen discusses, amongst others the (extraterritorial) regulations that lie at the basis of the forthcoming EU-wide sustainable corporate governance initiative and transnational regulatory governance. For more information, see

The book presentation will be followed by reflections by Joao de Freitas, one of Brussels School of Governance academics working on related topics in the framework of the ERC Curiae Virides project of Liliana Lizarazo Rodriguez.
Following the author’s response to these reflections, the audience will be invited to take part in a Q&A session.

This event will take place in hybrid format:


  • 16.30 Introduction by Kristin Henrard, program director BA law

  • 16.35 Book presentation by Aleydis Nissen

  • 17.10 Response by Joao de Freitas, ERC project ‘Curiae Virides

  • 17.25 A brief response by the author

  • 17.30 Q&A moderated by Kristin Henrard

As this topic cuts across EU and international law and politics, and touches on critical questions of economic development, the environment, governance and security, we expect this to be an interesting event for a broad audience.