DSA #4 The Janus Face of Online Censorship

Thursday 03 December 2020, 15:30 to 16:30

In this seminar, Dr. Tréguer situates the EU Digital Services Act and the wider European debate on content take-down in the long history of media censorship. By taking a Foucaldian stance to historicise various “economies of power” in regulating media industries, he looks at the strategies of the French government in ongoing debates on intermediary liability, interpreting them as attempts to entrench securitarian modes of censorship that blur key political distinctions upon which the rule of law depends.


Félix Tréguer is associate researcher at the CNRS Center for Internet and Society and postdoctoral fellow at CERI-Sciences Po. His research blends political history and theory, law as well as media and technology studies to look at the digital transformation of the state and of the security field. He is a founding member of La Quadrature du Net, a French advocacy group dedicated to the defence of civil rights in relation to digital technologies.

This seminar is organised as part of the Digital Services Act (DSA) in Perspective Series on online platform responsibility, organised by the Centre for Digitalisation, Democracy and Innovation (CD2I) at VUB-BSoG, in collaboration with the Chair 'Fundamental Rights and the Digital Transformation' at VUB-LSTS and the Brussels Privacy Hub. Please click here for more information on past and future events in the series.