Connecting Eurasia: Views from Europe, Korea and Asia

Tuesday 27 April 2021, 09:00 to 10:00

Connectivity has moved from buzzword to reality. A few examples of this are the EU’s Connecting Europe & Asia strategy, South Korea’s New Southern Policy and Northern Economic Cooperation, and connectivity strategies from ASEAN. China and Japan also seek to build digital, infrastructure, energy and people-to-people bridges across Eurasia. What are the similarities and differences between the strategies of Europe, Korea and other Asian countries? Is there scope for cooperation between these strategies or are they bound to lead to competition and tensions?

Join us on April 27 at 9.00 AM CET for a discussion on connectivity across Eurasia.

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ModeratorTongfi Kim (KF-VUB Korea Chair)


  • Wongi Choe (Korea National Diplomatic Academy)
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo (KF-VUB Korea Chair)
  • Cyn-Young Park (Asian Development Bank)
  • Eva Pejsova (Japan Program VUB)


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