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The Study Abroad programme offers students a unique academic and cultural experience through the opportunity to earn credits towards their degree at partner universities around the world. Why is studying abroad important?

  • To improve your knowledge of a foreign language: In a global marketplace, foreign language and intercultural communication skills are indispensable for professional success. Studying abroad provides you with the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a new language and culture, and there is no better way to learn!
  • To develop new skills and interests: Through your study abroad experience, you will encounter unfamiliar situations and will learn how to adapt and react in effective ways. You will also find many new activities and interests which you might never have discovered otherwise.
  • To network on a global level: Expand your circle of friends and potential future professional contacts by interacting with local students and professors, as well as with other international students.
  • To learn about yourself: Being in a new country by yourself helps you to discover who you really are whilst gaining an understanding of different cultures and beliefs. After your study abroad experience, you will be able to see your own culture and beliefs from different perspectives.
  • To bring fresh air into your academic routine: Studying in a different university in a different country gives you access to different teaching and learning styles and the chance to take courses not offered at your home campus.

The Brussels School of Governance is an alliance between the Institute for European Studies (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and Vesalius College. The Study Abroad programme is organised by Vesalius College.

Success stories

  • My exchange semester at Waseda University (Tokyo) in 2019 was a transformative experience. I arrived there full of excitement and apprehension, well out of my comfort zone. A total immersion in a different culture has made me much more open-minded in my way of thinking, and more able to feel empathy for others who think, feel, and act very differently from myself. In addition, it was a great networking opportunity with both lecturers and students from the other side of the globe. This study abroad experience further developed my ability to work and communicate in an international environment. It will also obviously be an essential skill to have in any kind of future career. I would highly recommend any student to do a study abroad term whenever possible, it is truly a life-changing experience.

    Max Boujo
    2019 Student

News about the programme


Our current partners are from North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Oceania:

List of our current partners


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Academic Partnerships

If you are interested in setting up an international collaborative institutional partnerships with the Brussels School of Governance, please contact the Study Abroad Office: – T +32 2 614 81 70.

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Admission requirements

The application procedure differs according to the type of institution at which the student wishes to study abroad, and their connection to the Brussels School of Governance. Please choose the relevant option below:



  • Our students interested in studying abroad must be either in the second semester of their second year or in the first semester of their third year.
  • It is possible to study in BOTH of the aforementioned terms for a total of one full year abroad.
  • Interested students must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 or higher. Students interested in attending Kansai Gaidai in Japan must have at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Students must have a good academic standing with no conduct violations on their record.


How to become our partner

The Brussels School of Governance has an established network of strong collaborative partnerships based on a common vision and shared goals. Click here to see our current partners universities.

Our Study Abroad Office is responsible for the establishment, management and development of strategic international partnerships.

If you are interested in establishing a collaborative partnership with our School, contact directly our Study Abroad Office: – T +32 2 614 81 70

After an informative interview on Skype, the team will guide you through the two steps of the application process:

  1. Partnership Collaboration Request 
  2. Draft Proposal

These documents have been designed to help us distinguish common goals, discuss projects and assess their impact and feasibility.

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