BSoG Scholarship Scheme for students displaced due to conflict in Ukraine


Scholarship scheme available



The scholarship programme is available to all students interested in pursuing either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree at the Brussels School of Governance, and who have been displaced by the current conflict in Ukraine, regardless of their nationality.

  • Current high school students graduating in June/July 2022 are welcome to apply. These students must obtain their diploma by August 2022.
  • Current Bachelor’s students from other universities interested in continuing their Bachelor’s-level studies are also welcome to apply.
  • Current Bachelor’s students graduating in 2022 interested in pursuing a Master’s degree are welcome to apply. These students must obtain their Bachelor’s degree by September 2022. 

Students must meet all the minimum entry requirements for admission to their programme of interest. 

Students without academic records are not eligible. 

The scholarship covers either the full tuition fee, or half of the tuition fee. Students are responsible for covering their own accommodation and living costs.

The Admissions Committee will decide to which students to grant the scholarships.

These scholarships will be awarded based on academic merit, motivation, personal profile, and relevant skills demonstrated in the student’s application for admission.

  • Bachelor’s students: the awarded scholarship would cover the 1st year of studies (60 ECTS). Afterwards, the scholarship would be renewed on a semester basis, as long as the student maintains the required conditions (3.4/4.0 grade point average per semester).
  • Master’s students: the awarded scholarship would cover the entire programme (90/120 ECTS)


Deadline to apply


Academic programmes for which this scholarship scheme is available

Bachelor’s degrees:

Master’s degrees:


Required documents

Academic records translated into English, French, Dutch or German of:

  • secondary school of diploma (Bachelor’s applicants)
  • any completed Bachelor’s studies (transfer students)
  • previous Bachelor’s degrees (Master’s applicants)

English proficiency test (Duolingo, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge) if previous diploma or degree was not taught in English. 

  • If you do not have an English proficiency certificate, please contact to request a Duolingo English Test voucher.


How to apply?
1.     Submit an application for admission
Please note: the application fee of 50 EUR is not required.
2.     Submit a scholarship application form
3.     Once you have submitted items 1 and 2, please send an email to informing us that you have completed the process.