Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES) – BA programmes

The Brussels School of Governance will award Academic Excellence Scholarships to students in its BA programmes who have outstanding academic records in secondary school and whose extra-curricular achievements show evidence of leadership in today’s global society. Other factors include one letter of recommendation from their secondary school and, in certain cases, standardised test scores.

The School’s merit-based scholarship system can provide a reduction of up to 50 % in tuition per semester. These scholarships will be renewed if the student maintains superior academic performance during each semester of his/her 3-year Bachelor programme. The scholarship will be directly applied to the student’s tuition fees.

The deadline to apply for the scholarships is 15 April for Fall entry and 30 November for Spring entry.



  • Prospective students must possess outstanding academic records and personal integrity, as demonstrated by grades, extra-curricular activities, standardised test scores (such as TOEFL, SAT) and one letter of recommendation.
  • Prospective students must have been accepted into a Brussels School of Governance Bachelor Programme as a full-time, first-year/freshman student and must submit a separate application form for the Academic Excellence Scholarship (click here for the Application form).
  • Transfer students are not eligible for the Academic Excellence Scholarship.
  • The Academic Excellence scholarship can be awarded to students who enrol in the Fall semester (August) and in the Spring semester (January).
  • There is a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) required to obtain a scholarship. We will also take motivation and extra-curricular activities into consideration. Evidently, better scores and grades, combined with strong motivation and participation in extra-curricular activities will improve one’s chances of acquiring a scholarship.
  • There are no limitations with regards to citizenship & residency. All applicants will be treated fairly and equally.
  • The scholarships may be renewed for all three years of the undergraduate programme. For renewal, a minimum GPA must be maintained.

Click here for an overview of the minimum requirements for the Academic Excellence Scholarship.


The BSoG offers the following BA programmes to which this BA Academic Excellence Scholarship programme applies: